Dodge in Aram?

I dodged an aram match last night, quit during the champion select screen (more because I realised the time and needed to sleep than anything). There was a pop up message saying "are you sure you want to quit?" etc. It seemed longer than usual but I didn't really read... It did say something which made me think it was referring to ranked games and therefore not relevant though. Anyway this morning check my match history and it shows as a loss and I can see my team mates played the full match without me? I'm confused, as I thought it just goes back to the queue when someone leaves (and gives you a message that a player left during match making). Is there a cut off time for when you can leave matchmaking? I saw some posts about dodging being removed last week but presumed that was for ranked games. If this is true it does not make sense... I would much rather get sent back to queue than waste 30-50 minutes playing an almost certain loss if one of my team leaves...

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