Yasuos wind wall and its rediculous delayed blocks.

So, server delay. Its a thing we all deal with, like flashing over a wall and dying to an auto attack the enemy managed to get off because of it. Well theres one mechanic that says "fck you server delay" and thats Yasuos wind wall. This ability seem to be able to block even spells you HEAR THE IMPACT SOUND EFFECT for. Yes, thats right, Yasuo dashes to you, you fire off your sole defense, a skillshot stun, hear the impact sound, but no, wait, Yasuo cast wind wall AFTER that, and somehow blocks it. I am sick and tired of this ability, not for its effect, but the way its apparently coded so you dont have to predict or outplay your opponent, or even be particularly fast on the draw. Dont even get me started on the CS denial that was apparently "Not fun gameplay mechanics" for Gangplank, but Yasuo gets to have.
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