As a new player, here are a couple of things that bother me.

Hello, I've played some DotA and well... I wanted to try League of Legends out. I didn't exactly know in which category to place this though. The first thing which really bugs me is the surrender feature. This feature demoralizes the team and people simply give up way too easily. If something isn't going their way, you see a surrender vote pop up, yet there is no option to automatically decline the vote. Second thing, I am trying out builds and some can be really effective, yet people complain about every item choice I make. An example is that I like to take red smite and Razorblade on Kog'Maw, but usually people just complain about my choice. His attack speed combined with Rageblade, Razorblade and Runaan's Hurricane appears to be really effective. Third point: What is wrong with people. I've never seen such a pathetic bunch of geeks anywhere before. Every game they try to taunt and mock the other team or even their own team. I can understand that this happens occasionally, but every single game they're just behaving like disgusting animals. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for your time to read my post.

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