Too much magic resist too little magic pen

Hello The item changes might be fine for summoners rift but as a 3v3 player I need advice on how to deal with the new meta. Almost everyone rushes abyssal scepter now, which forces me as a mage to counter it by buying magic pen boots + magic pen mask. This is fine if it stays at abyssal scepter, however only one more magic resist item is needed to negate all my dmg. This forced me to play magic pen marks and quintes, i had a game with void stuff and the mask yet still i cannot deal enough damage to the amount of magic resist items. With abyssal change to no longer reduce magic resist i lackmore options. This might be fine in summoners rift, where you battle five but in 3v3 magic resist is way too strong. I want to know how you guys deal with it and what i could do differently. It's frustating to be 10/2 malzahar then not being able to handle a maokai that dives me 1v1.. like ult? pff he breaks it with his item that also gives magic resist... Maybe im just bad but i rly feel its not balanced well at the moment.
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