i think i finally found out the problem with riven

she has way too many build paths. there's not a single fighter item that doesn't give attack speed she can't buy. here's a list of the different build paths she can take. crit ({{item:3508}} and {{item:3031}} ) lifesteal ({{item:3812}} , {{item:3156}} and {{item:3074}} ) armor pen/lethality ({{item:3036}} ,{{item:3033}} , {{item:3071}} ,{{item:3142}} and sometimes {{item:3147}} ) her cooldowns are also extremely low considering no matter what build path she takes, she can easily get 40% cdr since all her builds consist of items such as: {{item:3161}} , {{item:3071}} ,{{item:3508}} and {{item:3812}} , and if she doesn't get enough CDR from items, she's gonna get it from runes. (cosmic insight and scaling cdr stat). considering riven is a "high skill cap champion", her skills are misused sometimes by even the best riven players, but her seriously quick potential to get max cdr + her really low ability cooldowns, she barely gets punished for missing a w or being too far away on her last q. i think riot can fix this by possibly reworking her passive, making it rare for her to pick items such as crit strike items and duskblade.

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