about that kennen champion

how come the most underrated op champion in top lane is not touched ? spams klepto on you from 20 light years away and gets free money, free farm and free poke , also uses energy btw and refills easily, and , how is kennen able to one shot 4 people with 3 items i don't understand , I've seen it in a lot of videos, facing a kenne with melle champion is literally a flip coin , either he is a moron who can get too close and maybe die ?which only happens if the player uses the W to engage without having ult and you were on full hp winch never happens, you have to specifically get something like kled to be able to kill him and that only if you don't get ganked right after you engage cuz you didn't ward because you were pushed half the laning phase without getting help because your jungler said , he will run aniway
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