Riot, did you secretly buff the difficulty of Onslaught even further? Stage 1 is a JOKE now! :(

So I noticed something strange whilst playing as a pre-made group* this morning while attempting one of my final Odyssey missions. I'm legit wondering if something has been changed and so I decided to post it here, to see if others had noticed it too. First off, the monsters that spawn in on the first stage of Onslaught have become much more troublesome to deal with now. They move faster and cast their abilities much more frequently, the damage that they deal seems to have increased significantly and once you reach the "70% collected Ora" indicator on the current Ora meter, everything just goes to hell and you get swarmed. Additionally, I noticed that every time we lost and jumped back into the mode we kept getting the same mob rotation of Anchortails, Landsquids and Crimson Stingers over and over and over again. It never changed in the space of 5+ run attempts. Before we were getting a wide variety of mobs like the Terraburster and Rhinodon spawning on different attempts but this just kept happening repeatedly. What made this even more annoying is that the one or two times we actually made it past stage 1, stage 2 was literally a cluster**** of Squidtooths constantly spamming us with lasers which again, overwhelmed us to a point that made me consider: Have they buffed the mobs on this mode? We had literally aced the mode up until the Kayn fight earlier yesterday evening and I've had no difficulty playing with randomers in blind search but now it's basically impossible. I wish I was joking. but after playing close to 100 matches of Odyssey, I can't help but feel Riot changed something without telling us. I've played enough matches to notice this substantial difference in difficulty. I can tell, somethings off. I only noticed these unusual differences in the early hours of this morning - given that I stayed up later for a change - so is it possible that Riot pushed out a mini patch to mess with us even further, and me and my team were only just experiencing the beginnings of those changes, if any had happened? I don't doubt the skill of my teammates because we've rehearsed this difficulty so many times that its basically cemented into our minds and we could do it with very little error beforehand. I also know that they recently nerfed the Ziggs over shield strategy for being "exploitive", so are the developers behind the mode secretly amending the mode without telling us? Making subtle changes when they think no one has noticed? This is just speculation but like I said, it just As if something has indeed changed overnight. If people think they've noticed similar issues compared to what we've experienced tonight/this morning let me know down below. I hope that truthfully, Riot Games aren't doing anything silly and ill-mannered, like being unsporting and screwing with us to make the mode even more tedious and ridiculous because many of us have already managed to conquer the mode beforehand. *In case anyone is wondering, my group consisted of a 5 man group of Yasuos. I am aware that he's less durable and more "squishy" so to speak but like I said before: myself and the others are very well rehearsed in playing on Onslaught mode, right down to our item builds and augmentations used, so we know how well we performed over the last few days.*
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