Quality of life change to make playing against Yasuo less frustrating

Ok, this idea is not really a nerf to Yasuo, since IMHO he does not need more, but there is something that can make playing against him less of a headache. The idea is: Add an indicator, visible to the players playing against Yasuo, showing which targets he has already dashed through. It is difficult to keep track of which EXACT minion the damn samurai has dashed. Many times i find myself in a situation when i say to myself "ok- if he cannot dash through this minion, i can flash onto him, commit to chase and kill him. If he can however- i am better off keeping my flash rather than trading it for a meaningless cooldown" To answer my question i have to manually click on my minions, which mess up my reaction time and mispositions my cursor. Sometimes multiple minions. Would not it be great if we just could see what Yasuo can and what he cannot do?
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