So I tried Neeko this morning and its very very fun. I have no bad things to find out, everything it's nice, nice kit with poke and cc, interesting ultimate, and w and passive very nice bag of tricks. I can't say if she's to OP as all new champions or she is UP since I got too hyped in roaming and make tricks that I did not farm. But that's not important anyway since after nerfs/bus she will be fixed in a way or other. I just hope after nerf/buffs she will remain average and can be play anytime and her bags of tricks don't force them to keep her underpowered to compensate. I have 3 questions I saw that she copy evrithign, pasives, bufs, things like relic shield and duskblade, etc. But what I saw in game: - on youtube neko gameplays I see she copy (as it should be) the champion you clone Summoner Name also, but when I played her or when I go in bots games, she do not copy the name and I always have my summoner name. It is something that was change from pbe to not lose yourself if you are to near the enemy you cloned, but the enemy see the cloned guy summoner ? or its a bug and the name don't change ? I asked the enemy but their polite answer was: stfu %%%%%% kid, piece of crap, riot fan boy, %%%% off and other nice comments. - if enemy click on you they see your build or the one that you cloned ? - when press W you instant become invisible for 0.5 sec, but her clone its always visible ? or is like LB passive you disappear then the clone apear ? tnx
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