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I've played Kled quite a bit and tryhard every time and he just feels like an incomplete and practically useless champ. He has no waveclear to further illustrate even the oh so terrible aatrox has waveclear to some extent, farming with him is terrible his Q interrupts his attack animation which feels so clunky to the point you may aswell only use auto attacks to farm as his dash is next to useless for this. This is probably the only champ i can think of that sucks so heavily vs minions even tryndamere has E which can be used to chunk an entire wave. Even though i only played him top i imagine this sucks in jungle too. He has no attack steroid again aatrox does (why are you comparing to aatrox? cause he's considered by many among the worst champs in league) this gives you an auto attack equivalent to literally janna but wait even worse as janna actually has a steroid for her autos. The W cooldown is abysmal and needs severe reductions cause without it you have nothing the rest of your abilities do essentially nothing so. His dash is the worst dash in the game can't jump walls has no additional effect. His cc is utter trash especially given how long it takes to actually get that mediocre pull. His ultimate has a ginormous cooldown which prevents kled being in any way fun, in my view kled could be the worst champ in the game no problem without a great amount of buffs. Reduce w cooldown, reduce ulti cooldown (substantially), buff q and e damage if even slightly and reduce the harsh limitations on his ultimate to reclaim his shield because i haven't even mentioned his shitty form yet. It's like a gnar except worse in every way and with zero positives to the secondary form it's low damage crappy shotgun that's also a mediocre dash and no E. What was riot smoking again? Anyone want to tell me i'm wrong go ahead i'm open minded.
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