League world turning into a Barbie Dreamhouse

Maybe it's just me but lately it seems like Riot's female champions are becoming more and more generic face wise. I don't care that most of them are stunning beauties with a hot booty and I'm not criticising the overall quality of the splasharts, themes and so on. What bothers me is that all their faces are exactly the same. Perfect shape with on point make-up that makes them look like they're walking down a catwalk instead of the SR. It's appropriate for some female champs like MF but I really think Riot needs more diversity in their champs that are not about looks. Let me talk about 3 very recent examples. Number 1: Battlecast Illaoi While not visible in the splashart, Illaoi's ig model appears to wear a LOT of make-up. From lipstick to eyeliner and so forth. Why on earth is it necessary to give a badass priest that kind of look? Imo this just takes away from her badassness. Number 2: Kai'Sa That's just not how you look when you're living in caves near the void. Simple as that. Again, I don't mind that she's pretty overall but the fact that she looks more like a model about to do a photoshoot than somebody who's fighting for her life is weird. Where did she get that lip gloss from? How is she able to look like her face has been worked on by a professional make-up artist when she probably doesn't even have a mirror? Number 3: Irelia (reworked) Old Irelia was a natural beauty with Asian features, new Irelia is yet another topmodel who seems to have changed her race. I mean I love the new splashart, it's absolutely gorgeous but it could also be a photo from a fashion magazine. To me new Irelia has lost her essence. Her old face showed determination while her new face just screams "look at me I'm super hot and exotic". Make female champs as beautiful as you want but please Riot, stop the barbiefication. In my opinion a lot of those champs are losing their authenticity due to this. They are not real so you can't say that they are "strong independent women" who can do whatever they want. It's a stylistic choice Riot's designers choose to follow and I'd like to know why. I know that good looking characters sell better but that's not a reason to make them all look like Barbies in cosplays. Make them beautiful but realistic. There's no need to make female champs look like they fight in a war at 12 but have to go to a fashion show 2 hours later. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} EDIT: I'm not talking about their body types or the fact that they are all pretty because I couldn't care less about that, my point is that LATELY (not talking about older champs) Riot has changed the female design from pretty but authentic to high-fashion topmodels who like to play dress-up games. I know that the overall ig models have roughly the same body type because that's what probably most people like. The problem I'm having is that the female champs seems to be infected with some sort of same face syndrome but instead of the face it's kinda like "the same make-up style syndrome" that doesn't match a lot of their themes in my opinion.
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