AP Shyvanna is satisfying

Think about it: You are playing this firebreathing half-dragon that can turn into an actual dragon, so what would be the most satisfying thing to see it do? Jump into enemies and basic attack them to death, or sending a fireball into their direction and see their health drop as it explodes? It is obviously the second option! When the enemy things they made it out and stand somewhere behind there turret **RAARGH** **PRUGH** and they dead! But even after you used your ult and e and now there is no enemy left in range to kill, you can just use your next e to burn down a raptor-camp! There a few things in this game as satisfying like using shyvannas ult enhanced e. Karthus ult, chain dunking with Darius or Pyke, Urgot shredder may be some of them.
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