all right i never write on forums or anything but i am absolutely tilted with this game. Matchmaking is the most horrrendous thing that anyone could have ever imagined, every game theres a plat player with a bronce player on the same team, Who the %%%k thinks this is a good idea??? the level of these 2 players is inmensely different. Some champions are absolutely ridiculous, Who was the sadistic %%%%k that designed zoe?? Remove this champ from the game or nerf it to oblivion like youve t¡done with so many other champs in the game before. yas and yi must be perma banned cos they require 0 skill and late game they destroy everyone unless your teamates have cc and know how to play against it, and that doesnt happen, just hop on a game to see the result for yourself. The new champs are all waaaayyyy too complete, they all have healing wave clear damage and survavility. No one will probably read this and it probably wont get anywhere but at least i speack my mind, ive been playing this game since season 3 and at this point this is beyond frustrating. Riot i know you cant do much cos you have Tenzent up your ass telling you what to do but please be a man, grow some %%%%ing balls and stand up to them, sort this game out and make it playable and fun. Please Please Please im begging you on behalf of any league player who has ever loved this game.
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