Patch notes: 8.1

#**Welcome**: Greetings Summoners. As we begin another season, things obviously aren't going to go completely smoothly, but we'll aim to get everything balanced and have everyone in line within the next 10 patches or so in preparation for the mid season update. We understand that a balanced game is important, going in to the mid season update, so we can turn everything upside down and shake things up. Remember, flashy esports plays > a well balanced game. Let's get started. #**Champions:** **{{champion:72}} :** He's been reworked, again! Check out his relaunch page to see what was changed. [_We're geniuses, you're all morons and don't know what you want:_] Everything is new, even his model and VO! Except the Spires. Despite no one outside of Riot liking them, they're here to stay. **{{champion:268}} :** [_We'll get there eventually:_] In order to keep the patch notes neat, as usual we're posting the change list to Azir on his dedicated bug tracker page. **{{champion:245}} :** [_Get back here you slippery bastard:_] We've been struggling to actually properly nerf Tank Ekko without butchering AP Ekko. He's just too fast. Send help. **{{champion:79}} :** [_Stay healthy, kids:_] Due to his excessive weight and lifestyle of drinking and over indulgence, Gragas has died and will no longer be a part of the league roster. Obesity and alcoholism are serious diseases that should be treated as such. Consult your physician today. **{{champion:236}} :** [_And stay dead:_] Once again Lucian has found his way back to being a strong pick, and we just can't have that. After being caught menacingly walking down the street whilst eating an apple, Officer Caitlyn bravely shot him down, claiming "He was coming right at me and he had a weapon." Witnesses to the incident told a different story. **{{champion:76}} :** [_A long time coming:_] Nidalee has now been removed permanently. Rejoice. **{{champion:13}} :** [_We just have no idea with this guy:_] We've given him a mini update and given him a three hit passive. If this doesn't work then we're all out of ideas. **{{champion:238}} , {{champion:91}} , {{champion:107}} etc:** [_Fine, we give in:_] After much community ~~salt~~ request, we have decided to cripple all assassins. Despite fulfilling a fundamental and necessary role in the game and keeping squishy carries balanced, people seem to really hate grey screens. Assassins have been made to be far more polite, and now all abilities kindly ask enemies to escort themselves back to their fountain and wait there. #**Summoner's Rift:** **Epic monsters:** [_Can you say "Low Elo Bloodbath?": _] In keeping with our desire to promote fights around neutral objectives, we've decided to grant both teams permanent vision of the Dragon and Baron pits. We were seeing certain players failing to control vision around these objectives, so rather than rewarding the players who make an effort to control the vision and capitalise on the opportunities such good play brings, we're throwing that out the window in order to hold the hands of those who couldn't be bothered to take the risk and secure that vision. Plus, we found that it was placing too much pressure on the support to do one of the few jobs they had, and keep the objectives warded. **General Jungling:** [_We've finally stopped bot lane doing a camp:_] After a slew of unsuccessful changes to stop bot lane doing a camp, we've nailed it this time. All basic monsters spawn at 2 minutes, so bot lane physically cannot take a camp at level one. We recognise this may make things tricky for junglers in the early game due to the lack of a leash, but we don't think this matters since we don't like Junglers. Never have, never will. Deal with it. #**Items:** **Nothing to see here:** [_QSS was only the beginning:_] Nerfing QSS made us realise, certain other items were so core to playing as/against certain champions, so we came to a sudden realisation. This game would be much better and easier to balance if we just removed all items and balanced champions around their kit. You don't need to tell us, we know. We're genius. [_What do we do with gold now?:_] Good question! We've overhauled the IP and RP system to support the removal of all items. Instead of passively gaining IP at the end of a game, you now can convert that gold in to IP or RP. #**Solo Queue:** **Did we get your hopes up?** It's not coming back, stop asking. But, we do finally recognise that playing against premades is no fun, due to the inherent advantage their greater numbers gives. So we have an elegant solution that'll mean the extra numbers of your opponents is no longer as big a deal. You ready? [_5 man premades each game are fun:_] To be eligible to queue up for ranked, you must be in a party of at least two players, in order to reduce the number of extra people the opposing premade has over you. And that's all for now. GL HF summoners.
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