How to balance the dmg of tank champs

Hello guys, recently you see more and more tanks that go to the top lane. I main at the moment this lane and i think tanks are a great part of league but there is one issue i really dont like on tanks. For example you got Akali or Nautilus that go full tanky but still deal the same dmg as you when you try to trade them. I mainly play Kennen top lane and i dont go glass canon build i rush hourglass/abbysal so i get really fast 100 mr / amor depends on match up ofc. But when i start trading vs a akali with only tank items and i got around 140 ap she just deals the same or even more dmg to me. But how can a tank deal so much dmg with tank items ? Its because of the really high base dmg. A Akali dont need ap items to deal a lot of dmg the base dmg is enough and when you hit her you deal low dmg cause of the tank items so she just out scales you and you cant make anything against it. When you go full tank with other champs she still outscales you and if you go more ad she still get way less dmg than you get when you have no resistances. How to fix it ? Simply by reducing the base dmg and just buff the scaling with ad/ap. I really dont mind if a Akali a Nautilus or even a full ap malphite deal a lot of dmg but then they should not be tanky on the same time. You should make a decision go tanky --> low dmg or go full ad --> squishy as hell. Or is it fair if i go now full ad with lucian and get full tanky at the same time ;) Pls riot give these tanky champions a better decision making at the moment they just get tanky + dmg at the same time and dont have to decide :/ I wish you guys a nice day and maybe you got some tips how i can still beat this champs :) Angelo
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