"New" adc's VS old adc's?

Hello, lately in my games I've been noticing all the "old" [Not-reworked] adc's basically disappear while the "new" [reworked] adc's are everywhere (With the exception of Vayne... but maybe that's because I play her alot?) Ashe{{champion:22}} - Only saw her in a smurf game when she was Free to play. Caitlyn{{champion:51}} - Alot of them saying "Boom, Headshot" over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER SHAATTTAAAAP I GET IT D: Corki{{champion:42}} - Not much of him, but the one time I did see him, holy shit he does so much damage. Draven{{champion:119}} - Saw him once. In like 70 games or something. He wasn't even doing that great. Ezreal{{champion:81}} - Who? Oh, him... didnt even see him. Graves{{champion:104}} - OVER AND OVER AND OVER, I GET IT, STOP WHINING ABOUT HIM DOING DAMAGE AND DONT MELEE HIM?! Jinx{{champion:222}} - The one time I saw her in game my allies told the adc player to never pick Jinx again because she wasn't reworked and thus is a bad champion right now, much weaker then all the others? Kalista{{champion:429}} - ... saw her once I think. Kindred{{champion:203}} - Didn't see much of her atm, and what I did see was unimpressive. Tho, I like to play her, so that's subject to more research I think. Kog'Maw{{champion:96}} - Yup... I see him alot alright. He feels fine. Lucian{{champion:236}} - I think I saw him three times. Not too bad. Miss Fortune{{champion:21}} - Where the hell did she crawl out of? She was an abandoned champ for like 3 seasons now, and suddenly she's love tappin' everywhere? Gj on the rework, me likey~ Quinn{{champion:133}} - Same story as MF, forgotten into viable and maybe even good? YAAAAY! Sivir{{champion:15}} - Who? ... oh the spellshield lady.... didnt see her. Tristrana{{champion:18}} - I think once or twice. Twitch{{champion:29}} - .... Who? Urgot{{champion:6}} - Still non existant. Varus{{champion:110}} - Saw him... as caster mid. Once. Vayne{{champion:67}} - propably the only "old" adc being played somewhat often, and that's [propably] because of the stupid amount of work you have to put into her to play her well, as well as her stupidly good end game. And to be honest, even as someone who has vayne as my top 2 played champion, I've been feeling like she just doesn't even really hold a candle to the reworked adc's. So my question is... Do you guys too feel like the "new" adc's are just straight up better then the "old" adc's? PS: Why the flop is teemo classified as Marksman? o_O
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