Nerf Akali W

**Can you nerf Akali shroud by decreasing its duration / or increase its cooldown / or making Akali visible longer after she appears?** Seriously, I don't even care about the damage she does since she's an assassin but it's so annoying that you barely can do anything if you don't have the champions to hit her while she's invisible.** The 'invisible' thing in general of the game** just became the biggest nuisance since Riot took out the pink wards for it and makes 'target-based' champions almost useless against it. We basically have to spam A-click on the shroud unless some enemy c*ckblocks and even then, if your champion has a slow attack animation, she might even cancel it. **EDIT: **_Don't get me wrong, there are so MUCH MORE stuff that I would love to be 'fixed' in this game (like tank meta and stuff) but this issue is just becoming even more aggravating because we have so many champions to ban besides her, we're forced to pick her first even if we 'don't know' how to play her (and don't want to) and if we don't pick her we're forced to pick champions we might not be comfortable with just to try to counter her._ {{champion:84}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:57}} ...
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