Aurelion Sol has been weakened.

In an attempt of changing Aurelion Sol to be more fair to play against and to be what he was entended to be ( wich have been succesful ) have toned his damage down, and also, the mage rework made some of the items he really needs weaker ( {{item:3001}}, {{item:3027}} ,{{item:3157}} ,...).Now, he has not as much health or damage, and is annoying to play as. Center of the Universe: I think that his passive has to be tweaked, since it is almost useless in lane in some situations. Like more base damage and lower scaling, so when building items with health or armor won't seem a bad choice for unexpirenced players. Starsurge: Now, for what i'm here for, his Q: Being not able of using it when the chinese samurai is slicing you unto dices is a bit not healthy, since you have no other thing to use against that your ultimate or flash. Celestial Espaxnsion: What i think of his W is that he could use some ground mechanics in the form of a three hit passive, since the range of the stars are a range that almost all mobile charactes will surpas with a gap closer. Comet of Legend: His E is fine, but if his E gets changed in the future into a mobility spell I wouldn't be mad. Voice of Light: His R is a bit too powerful, the range, the scaling (?) and the slow are all a bit too much, but seeing the rest of his kit isn't that strong when that samurai is nearby it is nice having this. Build: As for items, the nerf of Rylai's Crystal Scepter was a big nerf to him, but the Zhonya buff was nice. I think that he must have his own item: > The Cold Star- > 75 AP > 300 HP > 350 Mana > UNIQUE: +15 Magic penetration > UNIQUE: Targets hit by the stars of Aurelion Sol are slowed by 35% ( does not stack with Rylai's Crystal Scepter ) > Built of: {{item:3136}} , {{item:3010}} , {{item:1052}} I hope i have inspired/helped to rebalance ( :P ) Aurelion Sol.
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