Continously getting awful games

Not once, not twice, but legitmately for the past 40, maybe 50 games? I've been marathoning league since like Friday and outside of the odd game here and there, my play has been consistently good, best on my team in most cases, better than my enemy counterpart in like 90% of cases, and best in the entire game quite frequently too. I'll even link my matchistory, because I legit have nothing to hide; KDA, solid. Kill Participation, solid. Damage, solid. Damage taken, solid. CS, typically solid. Wards? Could do with a bit more work I guess...but still not THAT bad, it's far more than I usually ward and if I could get away with it in Plat 1, I don't see why I can't in gold freaking four. Now before you try to dismiss this as just another case of QQ based off a single, or couple of games, I implore you to look at my match history. I don't get feeders every now and again, or sometimes, or even occasionally, I get them often. Check the losses and you'll see a hard feeder in most of them, 1/8, 2/10, 2/7, 0/9, 3/13 etc. Hell, you can pull up the graphs on some of the wins too, and you'll see that in quite a few if them there was a (sometimes even multiple) lanes that were feeding pretty hard early but managed to come back, so it's not like I'm tilting off of the face of the earth the moment my team dies, there are quite a few games in there where the scoreboard was like 1-3 vs 7-11 or some variation thereof early, but I'd still keep going and bring the game back. Nor am I flaming, if I flip it'll be after the game is over, sometimes a comment escapes here or there but I don't let salt overtake me. Nor have I tilted, my play has been consistent, there's a couple hiccups here or there where I obviously haven't done too well, but they're few and far between and it's impossible for your typical player to not have a bad game once in a while. But you can see, even though I outdo my jungle counterpart in like 95% of my games, and absolutely crush them in more than just a few, I'm losing over, and over again. Sure my winrate is currently displayed as 50% over my past 20 games, but that's not enough to climb and I absolutely do not feel that it's what I deserve. There are people who are playing 'slightly better than average' and climbing hard, meanwhile I'm pretty much dominating the early in the vast majority of my games but still struggling to get a 50% winrate. > It's not been over 5 games, 10 games or even 20 games, it's been like 40, probably verging if not surpassing 50 games by now and I have yet to even get to gold 3. I started playing seriously again at Gold 4...and I'm currently still in Gold4... I apply early pressure, I'm usually ahead in kills and farms, I out pressure the enemy jungler, I put them behind, I help my lanes, I group, I take turrets, inhibitors, dragons, rift and barons, a lot of the times I'm the driving push behind our turret taking and siege, I win skirmishes, I do what I can in teamfights, often taking out high priority targets at the start or, or sometimes before the fight even starts... And it's not just that I'm playing Nidalee either, I've tried Yi, Kha Zix, Shyvanna and it's been the same. I've seen so many feeding botlanes by now that it's starting to hurt. So many useless tops that it pains me, so many underwhelming mids that I'm honestly just confused. I can understand a bad streak of say ten, fifteen, hell maybe even 20 games. But 40? That's legitmately insane. All this time I've been telling myself that as long as I keep a level head and keep my play consistent, aiming to improve on every game then eventually it'll break and I'll get matched into decent games, hell every once in a while I do get a decent game, I won't pretend that I don't. But they're few and far between, even most of my wins have been struggles. How can it be that I'm thoroughly outperforming my enemy counterpart in most games, yet most of my games, wins and losses included, are struggles? Rant over, some of the frustration is out, downvotes incoming I guess.
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