Why not haveing normal-drat mode sucks?

I see, riot want me to play more ranked, especially with my friends. I dont want to play ranked with my friends, i dont want to play ranked at all, but I see riot try me force to. I'm a working adult man, i have time 1-2 games a day. If I want to play a champion in a ranked game i will play it at least in 10 normal games. I have no other option, than try to play it in a blind game. If im as agressive as the normal blindpick player, i have 20% chanse to get the role i want (not inclouding ~30% of my games when tha team have no jungler, or support, because som misscomunication, or trolling). Because the time i have to make in ranked with one champion i need 10 weeeks to improve ranked-level with one champ, and i will play 50 wasted game in a role i didnt wanted. Heres my League of legends experiment these days. I queue up for a normal-blind game. My teammmates starts to fight for a role. I leave. I wait 5 minutes. Queue up again. Fight again. I dont play at all.
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