The reason i dislike sylas the most.

This is not one of those threads about how high his numbers are, how low his ultimate cooldown is, or how he bolsters both a heal, shield, 2 dashes blah blah blah. Besides, many champions either recently released or reworked tend to be overloaded anyway because that’s how the game has become at least in comparison to older champion designs. I have always disliked blind pick due to the probability of not only getting hard countered in terms of overall team comp, but also facing a mirror match up. Thus the reason i dislike him the most, is the fact that i am forced to sort of play against a mirror matchup due to him being able to copy the entire team’s ultimates. Draft pick has always been known as the queue where you get to ban certain FoTM champions as well as avoid encountering the same champion you or one of your teammates picked. Well with the release of sylas, even to a lesser degree than an actual mirror matchup, i’m forced to have to face the element of mirror ultimates.

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