What i've seen, that reworking Conqueror is making every champion op. I was against {{champion:420}} . She smashed me from early to late by only e ult combo. I had a Jinx on enemy team too. She just auto attacked and did so much dmg and healing all the dmg what we did on her. The issues: 1. Too much healing with champions who have spamming skill like {{champion:420}}, {{champion:69}},{{champion:236}} ,{{champion:222}} .... There's a lot. 2. Instead of procing from abilities makes it insanely broken. You just need to pick Illaoi or any combo champ who has no CD will oneshot you. The 5 stacking is very good, but it doing 10 % True dmg, healing and giving adaptive dmg by procing it makes it too insane. It literally dont give any skill to even play against. I was playing Darius Conqueror and I saw how much it does dmg. The first reaction to it was: "Omg, i hope they delete this!" I even played against Renekton and Riven, that was too much for me. Riven could proc it in few seconds by using only 3 q, and Renekton needs only W, auto, E to kill you in seconds. Riot games, I think you took this too far. It's good to change the rune system, but with that much dmg, you've gone too far. What ever you do, please hard nerf it.{{summoner:7}}

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