Current state of the game makes me wanna quit (ADC Main)

Hello, Check this picture out. I am playing Jhin and enemy jungler is playing Amumu. He's one level and three kills ahead but I have 35 or so more farm than him, so in pure power he should, logically, be just slightly ahead. Amumu with these items had 3400 HP. A crit from me did 133 dmg to him, and my 4th shot crit did about 200 (depending on his HP). Now, this means that every reload rotation I do 133*3+200 = 599dmg to him. He has 3400 HP so that means I need 6 reloads to kill him, or 24 shots and this is assuming I crit EVERY SHOT which obviously isn't the case (I think I had 60% crit here). I was by no means a threat at all to their amumu. HOWEVER, he was a massive threat to me both dmg-wise and cc-wise. This game was a total smash because mumu could just walk wherever, I didnt do any damage, the towers didn't do any dmg and the game was just completely boring and gave me no entertainment at all. Is this the way you want it to be? Is this acceptable balancing? As an ADC I felt so useless, even tho I was definitely not behind, and it was just so boring to be in a 30 min game without being able to have any impact at all. Am I the only one who feels this way? Are you guys happy with the current state of the game in regards to ADC's? If any rioters read this, what are your comments?
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