Should Master Yi get a rework?

With the release of conqueror Master Yi seems to have gotten a little bit out of hand. With red smite, red buff, his E ability and conqueror it isn't hard to have 70% or so of your damage be dealt as true damage. With the IE rework coming up this is going to get even more ridiculous. Master Yi is supposed to be a late game hyper carry but with lately I've been seeing him do some ridiculous stuff early to mid game without necessarily being fed. It's happened several times that he red smites me and just kills me from full hp under tower even at lower levels (6-8), heck I've even seen him kill 2 people under tower alone and walk away alive. His damage is kind of ridiculous and I don't really see a way to nerf him since the items and runes he uses are by no means broken but that's where his power comes from and not his kit.
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