I honestly want improvement.

We all know at some point there is a stage in league where we reach limbo. Because we we just not quite good enough to carry a team, when it's falling behind and I will admit. It can be hard to come back from a game and know even if you do get a feeder down in another lane it is possible to win. I'm not going to say it's my teams fault, I will say it my fault as well. You all play a part. So I just want some general advice from some players on how to play certain champions and what do you target with. Or what do recommend for a realistic build. Because let's face you have to adapt to over come. So I would like some general advice on following champions Galio, Urgot and illao, I want know what ruins people think are best for these champions and what items you think are great. I mean I know how to get over 1240 Ap on galio if that a good thing I really don't know. I need to know a standard for a champion. For these champions, please help. Thanks for reading.
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