Doom Bots in Low Lvls are like IMPOSSIBLE!!

I feel sick... this how being a new player in the game feels?? Like....40-60% of the players playing this mode in low lvls had no idea what to do. They would pick things like squishy melee champions, they would stay in their lane when doom bots left, and they would jungle even though jungling in Doom Bots is kinda bad. And they had little understanding of the game in general, which I guess is it to be expected when dealing with newbies, I just didn't expect that they were all that many actual new players left in the game. I don't know, maybe there was something I could have done better. I kinda realized much later that ignite is kinda bad for this mode. Regardless, I got stomped 8 games in a row. The best we ever did was taking half of ~~Teemo~~Satan's hp. Has anyone had this experience?!? Maybe, I'm just bad?!? Maybe there was a better build, or something else I could have done to increase our chances of victory?!?
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