The Meaning of Reworking (Aatrox and Swain)

**INTRODUCTION:** I'm Italian, so excuse me if my English isn't completely on point. I don't know if this is the right place to start this talk. Initially my idea was to submit this opinion directly to Riot, but the only way I found to contact them is technical support, and it didn't seem like the right way, so I thought about talking about it here, even if I don't know the board, being the first time I open a post, hoping that the community is a little better than the one found on the various FB groups dedicated to LoL. **DISCUSSION:** What I wanted to talk about is precisely the meaning of Reworking champions. Why does Riot decide to rework a champion? Which ones are the motivations? And also, is rework a right thing, a fair thing to do towards the players? I have been playing LoL for 2 seasons, and my main champs have been completely reworked and modified, about the old champions there is practically only the name left: they're Swain and Aatrox, which I will take as an example. I mean, I like the work they did on both of them, but it's fairer to say that I like the two new champions they created, they are well made, they make sense, they are funny to play, but... why eliminate the old ones? Wouldn't it have been better to introduce two new champions with two new kits and leave the existing old champions as they were? **New champ = new skin = rp spent = riot happier** There is also economic reasoning behind it, i mean. It's been some time, but I can't stop hoping that one day those champions will come back, because I've never found other champions so funny or pleasant to use as far as I'm concerned, not counting all the time spent obviously to learn them, also because no, healthy affection and so on. The reasons I heard about the need for rework are these: _1- A champ is not played too much 2- A champ is not played at a competitive level 3- The champ is difficult to balance 4- The champ is graphically obsolete_ I don't know about you, but I have an answer and a solution for each of these "problems". Very humbly, I don't work for riot, I can't have the same depth of knowledge of the topic that only a specialist can have, but I'm here to confront myself, even with you, so: _1- if a champ is played too much or too little, maybe he needs a nerf or a buff, a new skin, an event that focuses on him, a video, anything that moves the attention on him. 2- if a champ is little played at a competitive level ..who cares? I don't follow the competitive so much but to me sincerely always seems like pro players almost always play the same champs, that maybe they can also tend to be the ones most in the meta at the moment, or those that are more adapt to the playstyle of the player, his team or the type of game they want to set. 3- Champ difficult to balance: I don't know guys, we're really talking about numbers, and I don't believe that you can't find a solution that can make a champ balanced during a game. 4- Are you graphically dated? Okay, god bless the graphic reworks (perhaps without totally copying lucius malfoy, it would be better)_ Basically, what was wrong with old Swain? I'm still wondering. Basically the concept was more or less the same of the current one, a tanky mage who can block/slow and heal himself. Let me be clear, I like the new one, but why not use the kit they created for the rework to allocate it to a new champ and leave the old one available to those who, like me, enjoyed using it? Same goes for Aatrox, was it as bad as champ? Wasn't picked too much? And then try to buff it, make it overpowered for two weeks, see how people run to use it, then slowly nerf it looking for balanced state. That's what they do when they bring out new champions, the exactly same thing, or u wanna say that mordekaiser was ok when they reworked it, or zoe, sylas, akali, and blablabla? I know that at certain levels, the choices are always the same because there are certainly champs that offer more possibilities and more balanced kits, but I see this as reserved for the highest elo, where actually these things matter a lot. There are also Elos in which i the difference is made by the familiarity/confidence with the champ, and there is a lot of people in these elos. I find it unfair and even a bit sad to completely erase (because if the champ have changed completely, it is no longer a question of rework) a champion for questionable reasons, or not shared by all the players, because you go to punish the slice of players that uses that champ, for few that they can be. My two cents, excuse me if I have bored you. {{champion:266}} {{champion:50}}
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