Nerf Riven

I mean half her character model can stand within Urgot's passive and still wont be hit because for some reason it does not count. Her ult is the biggest noob ult in the entire game. It buffs just about EVERYTHING and grants an execution aswell. Increase range on AA and all abilities? Raise AD to extreme limits? And her zero cooldown Q that she can spam, her huge access to CC, her insane shield that scales on AD that is also spammable later on. She has been far more OP than the morde rework for a long time, but people sits there condemning all claims she is unbalanced because for some reason they think a kit like that is balanced the way it is. Riven needs to get some nerf, her hitbox does not really excist, her abilities has no risk, all reward. Garen counters her? Just run, he can't catch her. If the Riven knows how to play Riven then no champion can catch her. She can go from the most aggressive to the safest. "Oh but if Riven falls behind she is useless" Well no shit, it can be said for any champion. Ever seen an Aatrox being far behind? That little toplane horror dies fast even with ult if he drops behind, and it's harder to get back into the game with him than Riven. That 49% win rate of hers? So? Pyke gets nerfed and he has a worse Win rate than hers. So to hell with the win rate excuse. Riven needs tweaking, like many champs does but she has gone off easy for too long.
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