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Make normal draft mode avaliable again in all regions! - League of Legends
Why? Riot said they had to remove it because of "very low participation", because people didn't want to wait so much. Currently, we don't have statistics about matches in different queues, but I was reading many many comments about this, and most of them said people loved Normal Draft mode, and they...
I really want to keep this topic a float. For me, Normal Draft was the most entertaining queue, especially because i didnt have to worry about losing lp. Competitive side of riot never quite appealed to me. But now we are basically left with a toxic queue, Aram, tt, or unbalanced ranked flex which im using as a replacement of a normal draft, and feel quite guilty if that ruins the game for others who want to climb this ladder, which again lowers my overall enjoyment. There are many threads that already brought up the issues with blind pick, so i wont repeat myself. Im going to thank the person who made this petition and ask you, if you have even a minute to spare, and you miss draft pick - please sign it. It might change something. It might not, but lets at least give it a try. https://www.change.org/p/make-normal-draft-mode-avaliable-again-in-all-regions-league-of-legends?recruiter=398962192&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
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