Irritated by rank after placements

Okay so first of all this post is not meant for crying but as a way to get some information from other players. I understand that the new season places me lower than I was last season and that it is not determined by my actual rank but by my MMR. Last season I managed to climb my way up to plat and in the preseason when i played my placements for flex q I got placed in silver. Which is totally fine for me since I knew it would be significant lower than I was placed before and I was happy to be so close to gold. But I am irritated that after my placements in season 7 I got placed in bronze 3. It feels as if the system took my preseason rank and reset it again. I know in the start of the preseason there were bugs and ppl got placed randomly because their MMR wasn't taken into consideration. Might this be the case here to? Because it feels strange to me that all ppl from low plat and lower are placed in middle and low bronze. Tell me what rank did you have and where did you land :)
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