[TFT] Assassins, Shapeshifters and Glacial need a hard nerf.

Don't get me wrong i know assassins do a ton of damage, but that's not the problem. It's their **survivability** that needs a heavy nerf. The moment you you go into a match with assassins your dead, if you don't build brawlers or tanks it's over. "Oh but use a decoy unit! They ain't that overpowered!" Yes actually they are. I just finished a match and what i lose too? Assassins! What did i have? Shen, so you know those basic attacks shouldn't do anything but somehow i still die. I used a decoy unit and my back line still got shredded due to been able to tank hits. They should die in a few hits and not tank every incoming bit of incoming damage! While I'm on the subject of tanking, I can't wait for Shapeshifters to get their nerf. Right now if you play shifters you win, because you can't outlast them. "But use demon! Or Yordles!" No actually i tried that, doesn't stop them in the long run, Yordles don't compliment each other in terms of buffs, plus the dodge is RNG which is countered with RFC, and as we know most {{champion:102}} are built with {{item:3094}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3083}} so killing her is more or less out of the question. Demons attack too slow, and even with a {{item:3124}} {{champion:110}} the shifters have it covered with assassins. So again i've lost. Glacial is no different, while used less, it's become a massive problem, you think your gonna be winning against Glacial? HAHAHA! Yeah right, your front line is dead in less than 7 seconds and by then you're over run so nothing you can do. While it's true they have finally given use some anti CC items the BG is a widely sought item, so unless you make yourself lose in order to get it, your whole team is gonna need those items so investing in losing in order to get that is just not worth it. TD;LR - Assassins need to be less tanky, shifters need to gain less hp on shifting and glacial needs less chance to proc with less time.
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