Flamers vs noob feeders

I always get feeders and noobs and everybody is complaining about this. ( but not the noobs themselves that keeps telling you that you must carry and if you dont then this is your level) I really hate those that are found in each article that someone complains about noobs. 1) Why do flamers get punished more than noobs and trollers get punished? When you flame its just bcz your trying to win and the answer for that is ez just mute while when someone feeds u cant do a shit about it especially if the one who feeded has OP champ such as darius.jayce etc... 2) why does the matchmaking sucks? So thats how every game works. 1-2 good players in each team and if ur lucky its 3 and the others are noobs the better noobs that doesn't feed as much as the noobs on the other sides will win. We need 5 from the same skill vs 5 from the same skill. Really how shall I increase my MMR when I cant have more than 50% winrate? They always say that the MMR reflect ur level but thats wrong bcz eventually its 5 vs 5 game and u can make it to 1vz9 game if ur not a smurf. 3) I am not whining I love this game and I will alwayz do I dont care how much OP champs are out their just fix this matchmaking and ban those noobs as you ban those flamers which are probably people like me.
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