Remember how Akalis shroud was, sorry I meant is, a huge pain? Well wait till you see this shit!

Senna Reveal - The Redeemer| New Champion
Source: The new champion Senna is here! Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): Senna is hitting the PBE later today!
Seriously I like everything else but why give her an upgraded Akali shroud???? One champion with that skill is a pain. More is really not needed. Not to mention that some genius thought that it would be a great idea to make champion coming out from it not clickable until they attack or get close. Which I know can be dealt with by using skill shots but I still fail to see a reason why this is here. Just imagine a situation where all you have is a point and click skill or basic attacks. The only way for you to do something to your enemy when they are running is to either be faster then them or hope they will be stupid and try to attack you. This is my problem with most of riots new champions they focus too much on one upping shit that is already in the game with them. Instead of trying to create a champion that has a semblance of balance in them (like they do with most reworks) they just go "if we want more money we need to make a champion that will %%%% things up so people will have to buy them in order to win".
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