I have and idea of new champion that i named Nightmare (i hope riot will see it) (sorry for my eng)

Hello guys. I decided to upgrade this post and it will be posted in 1-4 month. I changed my plans and want it to be Excelent.Sorry now it's useless post ~~IMPORTANT HISTORY: ~~ ~~Nightmare is just shadow. But it isn't normal shadow. Once he was locked in zed's body . He couldn't endure pain anymore and he wanted to become free. He did it. But to his surprise after a long years Zed tryes to find him. Nightmare is scaried to be unfree again and he have to fight against everybody to save his life~~ ~~Nightmare 700 hp 200 dark energy (All abilities and passive are for 1lvl champion)(6lvl ult)~~ ~~Passive - You can collect "Shadow souls" from dead creatures .Killing minions and non-epic monsters grants one stack of "Shadow souls". Killing epic monsters grants three stacks of "Shadow souls". Killing an enemy champion grants five stacks of "Shadow souls". You can buy following upgrades for "Shadow souls" in a shop. (You can have only 3 abilities upgrades all over the game . level 6 - first , level 11 - second , 30+ minutes - third)~~ ~~30 "Shadow souls":~~ ~~-upgrade Q (2 shurikens instead 1)~~ ~~ -upgrade W (poison - 5 magic damage in a sec (over 5 seconds))~~ ~~-upgrade E (+ 30 movement speed )~~ ~~ -upgrade R (bigger range(1.5x))~~ ~~30 +50(80) "Shadow souls":~~ ~~-upgrade Q (3 shurikens instead 1(2))~~ ~~ -upgrade W (your first shuriken deal poison damage )~~ ~~ - upgrade E (you can go through one wall like bard's E. You become untargetable )~~ ~~ -upgrade R (you get extra 60% movement speed for 2 seconds if you are moving towards enemy that you pointed)~~ ~~Abilities:~~ ~~Q - Phantom shuriken 50 dark energy (8 sec cooldown) (750 range)~~ ~~Throws phantom shuriken(s).Each shuriken deals 50(+0) physical damage .Each champ killing charges shuriken(s) for 5% physical damage.(Each shuriken can hit only 3 enemies )~~ ~~W - Dagger of evil spirits 50 dark energy and one Shadow soul(5 sec cooldown)(no range)~~ ~~Nightmare power up his next attack and deal extra 80(+0) physical damage.~~ ~~(If Nightmare kills enemy he restores dark energy)~~ ~~E - Old habit 80 dark energy and one Shadow soul(22 sec cooldown)(no range)~~ ~~Nightmare increase his movement speed by 20% and can pass through minions for 5 ~~~~seconds.He has a 10% chance that he will be able to absorb enemy damage and each absorbed damage give him 5% + movement speed until ability ends.~~ ~~R - Death sleep 20% hp and 5 Shadow souls(120 sec cooldown) (1000 range)~~ ~~Nightmare's clon spends all his energy for pointed enemy and after 2 sec he fall asleep for 2.5 seconds grants True Sight and then clon dies .While pointed enemy is sleeping he is nearsightead and can't do anything. Nightmare's ally or he can wake pointed enemy up by auto attack him or throw shuriken(enemy can't wake up his pointed ally) . His attack will get extra 300 true damage and pointed enemy gets fear for 1.5 seconds, reduces it's armor by 50% for two next Nightmare's attacks . (If somebody else wake up pointed enemy instead Nightmare , enemy will get fear for 2 seconds but won't get extra damage)~~
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