Another Jhin speculation (a unique one this time)

Good mornin' everyone! With everyone posting and reporting the same theories about our upcoming champion, it must get pretty dull. I, however, want to propose one that has not been said anywhere (that I've seen), just because it came to me this morning and seemed to click. I'm **not** saying that this is the truth, of course, but it is a plausible scenario. One of the things that people have used to say that Jhin will be an adc is that the teasers are of a full team except for an adc. This, however, would mean that Jhin is part of that team, so why is he presumably attacking them? We're also aware of a few small things about Jhin for the LATAM boards, where a user (we'll call her Sona for this time, as this is her Surrender@20 username) asked a Rioter about details. It went like that: >Sona: >1 - You saw him? If so what did you think your design? (Lindo, ugly, half and half). >2 - The kit has something new in mechanical? (Unspecified obviously) >Riot: >1- Yes! Er ... in a word, "creepy">.> 2- definitely playing in a very different way than any other. Defies some pretty basic ideas about how we expect behave champions! (Translated by another user and found [here]( \) With these clues in hand, I'll say that Jhin fills the role of the adc in his team, composed of Garen, Sona, Zed and Vi. He also afflicts them in some way, and his kit is mechanically "very different" than others. ... I say that Jhin will be an Abathur-esque creature that is able to enter his allies and work with them. The specks of light that shoot our champions aren't shot by Jhin, they _are_ Jhin. Thoughts? :3
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