Awesome community, Help me out with some feedback please. Fizz guide :)

Fizz ►InDepth Guide [S 9]► Must watch before playing Fizz!
► In this video I am covering Fizz to help players learn his mechanics,how to build him and how play him ! ►Be sure to comment, like and subscribe. Some feedback would be nice! ► Music provided by: ♫ Youtube Music For business inquiries/collabs contact me at:
**Hello there awesome community!!**! I just made a youtube video, more exactly an in-depth guide for Fizz,{{champion:105}} The Tidal Trickster **[ MID LANE ]**. I'm explaining his abilities, what runes,builds an other tips and tricks for you guys, to know how to play him better. I would love to hear some of your opinions here or in the youtube comment section. What can I improve, what did you like, what should I work to do better.. etc. Thanks in advance! Here is the youtube link:

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