Spell Delay for all, like for the New Champions

All you need to know, is in the title - that's what we need, a rework for all older Champions, so their spells got a delay, like all the new ones too. Even if you get countered in lane, there should always be an outplay potential. And as it goes for new spells on new or reworked champs, you can always outplay him. I know Yasuo is strong and he mostly counter VelKoz, but at least I can tell where he is dashing to and where his wind is going (who smelled it, dealt it), and so, even if he is tough to play against, he can make mistakes and I can win as Vel. Not so for champs that are older. Basically every hero after Nautilus got one or another way of delay or indicator, so there is a fair chance to evade. Older Champs, especially Riven, Pantheon and even Katarinas R, are just too instantanious to react. As Vel, I can bounce Kata when she does her Faceroll, but that takes 0.8 seconds or so, and till then, her Roll is already over and I lost 90% of my maxHP. If there was half a second delay and inicator before that, I could at least aim or react, make a decision to fight or flash out. Same goes for the Stuns of Riven and Pantheon. They just hit you no matter what, no matter if you react or not, they hit you and they are followed by a nuke, that no range caster can survive. So, what I suggest to Riot, is to patch all those instantanious spells, to give a little Delay, to make them all fairer, and to pull even with new champs, that, atm, have an disadvantage to those ever strong monsters. You dont need to fix their numbers, or scaling, just give them more time for others to react. If you dont agree to this, youre insane, a Riven main, probably both, and due to that, can go to hell, or whatever place you dont like. Pitsburgh, yeah, go to Pitsburgh.

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