[Daily Reminder] WE STILL WANT SOLO Q

for the volunteer moderators coming in my threads saying hey you have to back up your arguments, 1.well dynamic q is just riots way of promoting bronze and silver season 5 players into higher ranks so that they keep playing and buy skins/champions. 2.as a solo player i get less IP 3.less key fragments 4.I have less fun in ranked games(less influence in the outcome of the game) therefore its natural for me to desire a ranked queue for people like me. 5.the emblems are a joke,they are useless,they prove nothing,they do nothing,they dont even appear in the loading screen. 6.the riot's staff are just covering up the ENTIRE issue with half of them coming in threads like this posting things like "only 11% of the community wants solo q back"ANSWER: we dont want solo q back. We want a solo queue, it doesnt matter to us whether the dynamic queue continoues to exist or not 6.b. the other half of riots staff say that a solo queue would divide the community,how can a queue only wanted by 11% of the community divide it? is the twisted treeline queue dividing the community? is the 5 man teams premade dividing the community? 7.the game's quality has decreased rapidly since the introduction of the dyanmic queue,the games are turning into stomp fiestas. all in all my 7 points come from personal experience,i am just saying this because riot staff will probably come here saying i dont represent anyone from the community and that all solo players are happy with their new emblem and have changed their mind for dynamic queue. THIS IS NOT A THREAD ABOUT BRINGING BACK SOLO Q AND REMOVING DYNAMIC QUEUE,THIS IS A THREAD ABOUT RELEASING A SOLO Q WITH THE NEW CHAMPION SELECT REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS TO DYNAMIC QUEUE.

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