Teemo/Fizz must be nerfed

Quite frankly, I believe that Teemo must be nerfed. I was playing with Jax in the top lane versus a Teemo. 1) You can't trade with him and he'll use his Q and you'll miss atleast 3 times and by that time, half of your health is gone. 2) Ranged champ vs Melee 3) His Q disables my attacking abilities 4) His damage is insane and if combined with Life steal... (ewww) I spent whole game playing really safely and then everyone from the opposite team rushed top. get killed, killed again and more and more... +30 minutes wasted in a game. -- Fizz, 1) One shot champ 2) goes invulnerable and blocks even turrets shots allowing her to push under turrets 3) dashes through walls ---- Seriously, I pick a champion then face another that will torture me for about 1 hour and no ways to stop him is truly awful. Should I just look for another balanced game? Or always remember the 'Win some lose some' policy? Because I got unlucky that I matched up against a champ that counters me? Opinions? Thanks
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