What is your Zen Champion?

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So, I have noticed I have a Zen champion. What is a Zen champion? It is a champion you have innate affinity or heaps of experience with. The champ you pick and feel at ease, feel at home and feel at total control what you do. Your mind just keeps clear no matter what. You don't tilt and you feel like you can read the Matrix itself while playing the champion. Just by taking a look at your lane match up you know how it will play out and how you can prevent getting dominated if in bad lane match up. My Zen champion is Singed. The feeling of hopeleness before level six motivates me to be at my most alertness. The sweet melody of tching sounds in row when your poison kills entire wave of minions. With Singed I don't even have to think at all to gauge how a trade plays out, I know how it goes. If I do a mistake, I know the results several seconds ahead, same with a good play. I feel like I've ascended to new level enlightment whenever I have th chance fo field the guy. This are naught but feelings however, yes I can play him decently but I tell you, I never will be a prosinged (atleast anymore) So, what is your Zen champion? Why? What kind of Zen feeling you get?
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