Anyway to get the Aatrox presige skin without spending money?

The last 2 prestige skins all I had to do was buy the mission pack and play 3 games every day. This time it looks like you can only get Prestige Aatrox through spending around 10k RP on exclusives shop items... Which makes the skin far more worth than it should be, and if you only buy around 2 of the exclusive shop items, you end up with maybe 20-60 out of 100 prestige points, that cannot be spent on anything except the skin reward, making these prestige points overly useless. It does seem like they don't have a time limit doe, so I guess that's good. But I feel why make a skin that ain't even mythical or legendary to be worth this much money, we already have the hextech skins that cost way over the limit if you wish to spend money to get them, this Aatrox skin basically does the same thing, so why not just make it apart of the hextech skins and remove the limited time to get it? Anyway, if anyone knows how to get it without having the spend 10k RP on exclusive shop items, please tell me.
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