Strugging to find reason to play

Remember when they used to be able to kill 10% hp enemy with assassin That's gone now Remember when tanks had to build mostly tank and not damage That's gone now Remember when Kassadin was just squishy champion that builds full AP and suffers early game because he can't last hit against other peoples harassment. Or he has to build some sort of hybrid which severely nerfed his damage output. That's gone now Remember when initiate supports couldn't leap away with 100% safety after trying to poke enemy out of line? That's gone now Remember when damaging an enemy actually mattered? That's gone now, thanks to stupid bullshit passive of Pyke Everything good is destroyed balance wise. All the most powerful kits are given to the most overloaded champions and left all the remaining champions to rot. He has shield that helps to absorb damage, all the skills that require 0 aiming (well that's what he used to have anyway), but at least in the old days you could trade with him successfully and win. That's gone now There's no %%%%ing balance. Every %%%%ing thing does way too much damage, every %%%%ing other things does barely anything. I unload a full kit on a champion and that 10% health remaining on Irealia doesn't go down all because this Akali rework is now having this weird buildup ultimate shit that doesn't do anything on situation where your team is behind. This game has become even more snowbally and all for the wrong reasons. Only times teams do comeback is when teams do good and someone on your team gets caught, it's hardly ever about individual play, unless you're some fed broken top laner who can 1v4 and still win. ---- Like who the %%%% is on charge of this game? Who the %%%% is thinking the balance is great? Who the %%%% is thinking this is somehow better for the casuals than what we had before? It's just confusing mess of talents that mostly don't do anything and especially when you're behind, but are incredibly effective when ahead. Only thing good happened in past 2 years is that the runes and masteries got combined into a single talent tree, but even that was poorly implemented and caused more issues than it solved, just because how badly the design of talents was taken into consideration of game performance. This is like my 10th uninstall of the game and I'm really struggling to find any good reason to come back. But I still probably will because sunk cost fallacy. %%%% me... There's no interesting champions anymore, there's just these weird champions that now 90% of them require ton of skillshots in order to do something and the reward is barely noticeable compared to those that just click on you and win. And only good skillshot based champions are like Irelia and Pyke, only because of insane survivability, and Caitlyn, Ezreal and Jhin as ADC only because they all have massive range and are pretty much only champions that can still play effectively as the role is so weak it might just be replaced with AP caster at this point. Casual players are not having fun. Pro's are not having fun. Nobody is joining into this game because the grind needed for unlocks. Why do you keep adding overloaded kits on every new champion? We got Neeko who has area root, area stun, area base damage, movement speed boost, decoy, autoattack boost and she can fake herself as low health carry, so now you're punished for initiating for squishy people even more. And if you somehow recognize she's the Neeko and not some clone, you go 5 man rush on her, if you don't get that kill, if she gets a tiny split second of a time to press that W, she's going to return to that same spot with insane area damage ultimate combined with his root and Q. Should I reward you with constant stream of cash to make this game playable again and not some cluster%%%% of whatever hidden mechanics turns out the fight on some teams favor? Nobody asked for this. At least with old runes it used to be simple. You could see how much enemies could do in general because you expected everyone to have certain runes. Now it's like I don't know what these people are running with and how can I, if I even can anymore, counter them? And now there is so much time and effort to learn and web searching for best builds it's become frustrating to even queue for game. At least the community has improved a slight amount... but that's probably because whoever has cared about this game have quit long time ago.
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