Riot for the love of God fix your matchmaking!!!

Hey guys i just wanted to say that i dont feel its right for players to get thier games with good start (me sometimes) ruined by 11/1 lux and 10/1 morgana who laned vs your draven and sona (happend to me ingame)... I destroyed Garen in toplane but my bot and jg werw inting real hard and even i couldn't carry that... I had chat restriction so i couldnt flame them for ruining my game (i got chat restriction cuz i flamed adc in one game who inted really hard and spammed report all) The point is i wish you could do somethong to fix your matchmaking and if you try it would be better expiriance for alot of players that are tilted by thier teams inting and throwing easily won game that they worked hard for... Becouse its new year now i would like to get 1 team where i can get good team who will play good and not int randomly to some hard carry annoying champions (lux,yasuo,any adc played properly...) I wish you Happy Holydays and quick fix in your matchmaking {{champion:122}} {{sticker:darius-angry}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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