TFT: LP system is so f**ked up!

The LP system in ranked TFT is so fu_ked up! I am **Platinum 3** and I gain +**27 LP** for **2nd place**?! And when I lose and go 8th or 7th, **I lose 60+ LP**?! Like, this person **lost 72 LP** for 8th place in the same elo as me! That almost **triple** what I gained for placing 2n! **EDIT**: I played another ranked game after the one I linked up above, guess what happened?! 2nd place again, +27 LP again! I guess the LP system is just locked on +27 LP for 2nd place... _(Don't even ask how I lost the 1st place that game, #feelsbadman! A stacked up Shyvana (Warmog + Thornmail + Dragon buff) is unkillable! She soloed 4 of my units 3 times in a row! And w stacked up A Sol as well.)_ **2nd EDIT**: 2nd place again, +27 LP for the 3rd game in a row! Ok, I get it Riot, 2nd place = +27 LP! Got it! Riot, WTF?! How are we supposed to climb like this?! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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