On Overloaded Champions and how they hurt the game

Ok fine, there are some champions that can be classified as overloaded because they have a crap ton of ressources in their kits that make unfair for other champs to be matched against them in mist of the situations. For instance fresh reworked Fiora and Gangplank were extremely unfair to play against other champions but they got nerfed to the point where you can deal with them in lane. Riven and Nidalee can also be classified as two of those overloaded champs who got adjusted to be fair to play against. The problem is that we still have Yasuo and Azir, two champions that have ridiculous damage, mobility and ways to survive. YASUO -He has a retarded shield that blocks any damage making him very safe in lane. This means that you are not rewarded for hiting skill shots into a Yasuo and that´s not very fun. -The shield gets recharged after he uses the ult so he becomes mutch harder to kill. -Warlords bloodlust mastery mid to late game makes him nearly unkillable and he can build tanky so you never take him down but outdamages everyone of your champs. Early game the mastery helps him heal so trading with him becomes useless. -He is ressourceless, he has a Q with nearly no cooldown that gives him a knockup, poke, waveclear and a way to escape from ganks. -He has his E wich is not as good for mooving as Riven spells but he gets more damage using it and more waveclear plus the comb with the Q for an easy knockup. -He can perma push waves to deny farm to the other laner and spam his spells to farm very efficently with no punishment since he has no mana. This means if he pushes a mana using champion who will be forced to spend mana to farm, the mana using champion will loose ressources to lane and farm. The farm he gets for free and the farm he denyes make him get advantage just for picking Yasuo. -Its not like his damage is hard to pull of since his Q is easy to land, his E point click and he relys on auto attacks for his damage. He gets a shit load of damage for rightcliking and he isnt punished a lot since he can lifesteel a lot thanks to the stats he gets. -Crit items got buffed this season but Yasuo got untouched so he benefits from crit items getting 100 per cent crit just with a zeal item+cloak. If items change the champion should change to be balanced. -He is good at all stages of the game and woks fine against most champs in lane and if not, he can farm under turret with no punishment thanks to his Q+E spells and fast aa speed. AZIR -Insane poke and lane safety for free with his soldiers. Lux is safe but she is fair to play against since you can outplay her and dodge her stun and poke. -Just as Yasuo he denys farm while getting a lot for himself so the advantage he builds becomes huge. He has an escape/gapcloser to be safer in lane and also engaging. -Stupid burst and sustain damage. -He shreds turrets if you live him alone thanks to his waveclear and his attack speed so he is good at bullying, sieging, countering sieges, taking down turrets. -He is also great at teamfighting, he can easily disrupt teams and get to the backline while remaining safe. -He has a crap ton of damage and utility so why play other champions?? If you guys can get the point is that this champs offer a lot of things because they are hard to play but make the game extremely unbalanced since there is no much reason to not pikc them or simply picking something that counters them. I want to hear your opinion on the subject but as I said I dont like overloaded champs like this two to be alowed to exist in their current status. Unfair champs that are very linear are something else that we can discuss ofc another time.
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