What is problem of Orianna?

I just played on good ol' Ori. So nice and good. My stable elo horse trashing every noob. But the problem is I open challenger statistics. 40% winrate, what? Only 1% pick rate, lol? It is not enough even to fill every champ because it's 100 games not enough to look into matchups. What is the problem with all these guys? Are they dumb? Dumb challengers. What I can agree is Ori should get proper Scalings. 130% on ultimate and 70-90% on every spell. Because she was nerfed back in time becaue Rito balance team is ** who only nerf proplayer picks. But even without proper scalings Ori deletes people who are not respecting the Zone. They also buy Luden. Dumb challengers, indeed. PS. These few Korean guys is our hope. Dopa, Rinder etc. They know the champ. Everybody else is just brain afk.
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