When do you counter roam against assassins?

Hi folks people keep flaming me for not following when assassins roam. I ping missing and often, but not always, careful in their heads, but 9/10 times they die. 60% of those times they flame me for not pinging (when I did) or not following. I mostly ignore it since the enemy usually roams when I have a wave or two under tower and I know they are just raging. But when, if ever, should I follow an assassin roaming? I play Cassiopeia so when I play safe enough pre 6 I am just not gonna die to anyone, assassin or not. My reasoning is though that if they wait for me in the bush I am dead since I can't land my Q before they got their burst off on me. There is no way I am winning a 1v1 in the river against an Akali or Zed. Especially not if I am not full mana, which I shouldn't be after a few minutes of laning. I get it if it is an Orianna with no items for example, I am not gonna die even if she catches me from a bush. But then post 6 I am definitely gonna die to every assassin from a bush, especially if they have dirk/revolver and I have a tear, maybe an amp tome. So when, if ever, should I follow the roam, assuming I have pinged SS and I don't have minions under my tower?
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