s9 only win if you're lucky ?

I don't know what is happening this season.. I play support, most of the time, and i'm gold4 for now I'm a good support, i do my best to win my lane and roam to help the other lanes when it's possibe. Bot is always doing good in the game.. The problem is: the other lanes.. I feel like even if you're good and doing your best, you can't win if you're not lucky with the teammates.. I got trollers (a sion going all in turrets, trying to destroy them and dying and feeding.. or a jungler sleeping in his jungle, farming when we are fighting 4v5.. as an exemple) I also have to deal against smurfs destroying the other lanes (that "new accounts have to start climbing from iron" makes the games unfair when you have to play against diam smurfs when you're silver/gold..) It became soooo difficult to win games.. IT's like, you can only win if you get good teammates or smurfs in your team, you can't carry the game on your own, or even if i duo.. there are no 1v5 or 2v5.. The same thing is happening to my friends, playing other roles, it's not about me being a main support.. and even if they are doing good in the game they still loose.. I don't know if it's because of gold elo players.. maybe plat and higher elos are luckier.. What can i do to win ?! Advice me please, give me tricks, give me luck xD
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