Soraka issues

I've been playing a lot of support lately and I've also re-found my love for my old ''main'' **Soraka**. Things have been great, when I play with my friends. Since they usually pick a high damage carry and play passive aggressively, but the issue comes in. When my lane partner, picks a late game carry like **Vayne** or **Tristana** and I'm put in a role of a vending machine. I can't move in range, to use **Starcall** and the enemy carry, is constantly poking our little farmer. Thus I always find my self in scenarios, where I need to go back to base just to regenerate my health. So before I have **2750 hp** and a **Warmogs** I feel like I'm useless. Not contributing any value, what so ever to our team and just helping the enemy, by lowering my hp. Any tips or tricks to ease this feeling of frustration Note: I don not find replies, such as "%%%" or "don't pick soraka" to be very helpful
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