This vile hate towards CertainlyT

right this guy is being mentioned left right centre on all types of forums related to LoL CertainlyT makes the most fun champions to play in league there all unique champions with counter play. I have never experienced a broken CertainlyT made champion (maybe on release but with out a champion not being op people dont bother to play them for instance the champions that come to mind that came out and no one played are Bard and Lucian I find that when a champion is slightly more powerful on release you tend to learn there mechanics a lot faster). people cry about Yasuo or Darius when these champions are not the slightest bit obnoxious, they have great counter play they have certain points in the game where they are strong and vise versa. if your crying about these champions you just dont know how to play against them and blame there "kit" for your lack of game knowledge and to be honest your wood league mechanics. Now lets talk about the juggernaut changes I'm happy with them and the Morde changes brings out a little twist maybe riot is thinking to change the meta and there is nothing wrong with that. change is always refreshing. CertainlyT doesnt need all this hate let him do his job.

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